Looking for Rivas - I found him! Print
Written by Arthur D Piercy   
Monday, 28 November 2011 14:33

A few months ago I published this article;

"I am desperately trying to find Major Alberto Ley Rivas, a Mig 23 pilot from the Cuban Air Force.

Maj Rivas we've met briefly once before and then it was only for a couple of seconds at 30000 feet over Southern Angola in September 1987. The encounter at the time wasn't a friendly one but I am hoping that the next time we meet it will be with a lot of laughter and no regrets or remorse........read more"

Well guess what??? I FOUND HIM!

Thanks to the social networking environment and many great friends I was able to locate Major Rivas in Cuba!

Surprisingly it was an Army contact  - Greg Swart (ex 61 Mech Olifant Tanks) - who was in contact with an ex Cuban air force Lt-Col who flew Mig-21s in Angola 1975 , was a Mig-23 squadron commander in Angola in 1985/1986. Lt-Col Eduardo Gonzalez has been in contact with me. Unfortunately Major Rivas is not conversant in English (nor I in Spanish) and therefore we will be chatting through Lt-Col Gonzalez.

Watch this space for more detail!!  

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