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Written by Arthur D Piercy   
Monday, 13 July 2009 09:53

seawind1a.gif (44487 bytes)The Seawind Arrival

Our aircraft should look similar to this one when it is finished. Isn't it the most beautiful aircraft you have ever seen? Well for me it is!


p12.jpg (13039 bytes)It was to everyone's excitement when the kit arrived. I did not expect the size of the container to be so big.

I'm not sure what I was expecting but somehow the calculations I had made that I could build this aircraft in my two car garage was WRONG!


p13.jpg (15990 bytes)








Going back over the specs, I suddenly realized that the Seawind has a wing span that is 8' wider than the Mirage I had been flying.

Anyway it was here now and we were just going to have to make a go of it.

p1.jpg (19462 bytes)Not much space left in the garage and from now on my poor car will just have to sleep outside.


For the first year we worked every spare moment. Then I went back to full time employment and everything just faded a little. Then the new millennium arrived and we decided it must be finished.

Recently the aircraft has been moved from my garage to a hanger at Wonderboom Airport and with the help of Aerosud and Francois Jordaan we set the target date for the first flight - my birthday 7 June 2002.

By now you should have gathered that we never made that target date. Welcome to the world of "homebuilts".

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