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Please can you HELP? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arthur D Piercy   
Thursday, 02 December 2010 00:00

Please can you HELP?

One very important lesson I have learnt over last few years is that it doesn't matter who you are you cannot achieve your goals and dreams without assistance. I don't care who you are!  Behind every successful man there is an exhausted woman Laughing

I am no different as I have an entire team around me and yet it is not enough for me to pull off this challenge. I need your help just as much.


It was perhaps a little naughty of me to take on a challenge of this magnitude without the necessary backing but then I would not be giving my fellow aviation enthusiast the opportunity to share in the joy and satisfaction in achieving what seems to be an impossible goal. It all requires a lot of resources and not everyone is in a position to lay out huge sums of money to help me. So l will try and make it more affordable for those who wish to assist. I have come up with 6 possible ways in which you can assist me.

The 6 possible ways you can assist are as follows:

  • Advertise on Website
  • Invite me to Speak
  • Sponsor a Leg
  • Sponsor equipment
  • The Power of 10!
  • Just donate


Use the menu to see more detail. Any assistance no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

 Send me a message at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or if I am online skype arthur.piercy alternately via FaceBook

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 17:17


This is the year! May all your desires and wishes be prosperous, successful and blessed.

I would like to Thank everyone for all the encouragement, support, motivation and belief that has been thrown in my direction over the years to date. You are all my motivators when times got tough and I felt like throwing in the towel. All it took was one positive email of encouragement to get me back on track and all fired up.

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