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Heidelburg Air Show PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arthur D Piercy   
Saturday, 23 April 2011 12:40

On 14th May 2011 we will be taking the Seawind to the Heidelburg Air Show!

My great friends the Dooley brothers have invited me to exhibit the Seawind at the Heidelburg Air Show so that we can raise some more money to complete the aircraft.


I will be promoting my Power of 10 fundraising drive where I am trying to find 1000 people who will donate R100 for 10 months. Any additional donations will be gladly accepted as well. We have 31 supporters registered already.

The two major components we are raising money for are the engine and the instrument panel.

I need an IO540 Lycoming 300HP or equivalent Continental engine.

Then I would like to install a dual MGL Avionics Odyssey MFD's with the necessary radios, auto pilot and backup gauges.

Come have a look at what we are doing and join us at the air show for a chat.



Extracts from a testimonial recieved from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

"I would like to thank Arthur Piercy for inspiring us. We need to always have driven and positive human beings like him, who don't constantly dwell on the ills of the past but on the possibilties of the future" (Zola)

"To me the important points that he made were that one's life is very important and it is that indiviual's responsibility to take care of it no matter what; and that determination can conquerany obstacle" (David)

"I was humbled by his humility, determination and passion for life. Nothing can and will stand in his way and I admire it about him. He just opened my eyes to the fact that if you want to you can, all you need is determination" (Ntombi) 

"Indeed your response to a life changing circumstance certainly places you in a special class, somewhere above the rest of us. But your incredible sense of humour, your humaness - those form the bridge that allows ordinary human beings to rub shoulders with you and face their own, smaller situations, encouraged. Thank you for that." Nadia Coetzee : Director: Foreign Qualifications Evaluation and Advisory Services.

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