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Hydraulics Installed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arthur D Piercy   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 20:23

It's starting to sound like a clich but major progress is being made.

Despite Owen being down with flu for two days they have still achieved a lot. All the hydraulic cables have been routed and connected to the relevant actuators for the undercarriage and the toe brakes on the co-pilots side.

I have removed the rudder pedals from my side of the cockpit. This allows me to get closer to the controls without my feet interfering with the normal operation of the pedals. This is a problem I identified while flying the Cherokee. I always had to fly with a stretched out arm because if I got close enough my feet would get tangled up in the rudder pedals making life a little difficult.

The hydraulic pack was installed in the nose. This is the pump that will be doing all the work. There are a few pieces missing which I actually expected because it stood so long unattended.

A new unique designed water rudder lever was installed in the centre consol. It was specifically designed so that my weaker right hand will be able to operate is freely and easier than the original design.

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