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Controls and yoke setup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arthur D Piercy   
Monday, 09 November 2009 10:29

Progress is fast and furious lately and this is all very exciting.

During the last week the team have worked on the elevator, controls and the back seats.

The servo motor has been installed and connected to the elevator trim tab. Electrical current was attached and the motor works beautifully. At the same time the elevator horns have been drilled and the balance weight has been added.

Final balancing will take place once the elevator has been painted.

The control cables for the elevator have been connected to both the control column and the elevator and I had the pleasure of "flying" the aircraft and at the same time we determined the correct height of the yoke in the instrument panel.

We have also removed the rudder pedals completely from my side of the aircraft. This allows me a lot more room for the feet and I can get closer to the yoke without my feet having any interference with the rudder pedals. The design of the hand controls is working in theory. All we now need to do is build and test them. Very exciting times.

I desperately need to start working on finding sponsors for the instrument panel.

Work has been done on fitting the back seats. I have requested that the back rest be split into two individual backrests just like most cars. I cannot believe the space we have in the back. More than enough room and not nearly as cramped as the Cherokee I used to fly.

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