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Back in the cockpit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arthur D Piercy   
Wednesday, 22 September 2004 02:00
22 September 2004

 - Back in the OLD cockpit AGAIN! -

Today an amazing event happened to me. I attended the Aero Africa & Defense 2004 show. While I was meandering through the hangers I ended up at the Virtual Aviation Stand and there I bumped into two amazing brothers namely Peter and David Dooley.

Cockpit 1Don't ask me how but these two gentlemen had got hold of the cockpit of Mirage 206 and converted it into a SIMULATOR!!

The next thing I knew I was being lifted out of my wheel chair and placed into my old cockpit again. It was both an exciting as well as emotional reunion with the aircraft and I had shivers down my spine while I was sitting in the familiar space of rather lack of space the F1 cockpit offered.

These two gentlemen had converted this cockpit into a working Flight Simulator with all  the necessary gauges and switches not to mention the sound effects. I was amazed as to how quickly I felt at home in the cockpit and while flying out of "Cape Town International" all the procedures came flooding back. I really felt at home and the visuals these guys put together was awesome.

Cockpit 2Very soon the stand was packed and there was cameras flashing a familiar faces all around me. I really enjoyed the time I spent in the cockpit.

Believe it or not I couldn't even land the simulator properly - It seems that I am not suppose to land 206 properly or she was getting her own back by embarrassing me in front of everyone present.

Peter and Dave I thank the two of you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to fly in your simulator and I will definitely accept your offer to fly in her again!


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This is the year! May all your desires and wishes be prosperous, successful and blessed.

I would like to Thank everyone for all the encouragement, support, motivation and belief that has been thrown in my direction over the years to date. You are all my motivators when times got tough and I felt like throwing in the towel. All it took was one positive email of encouragement to get me back on track and all fired up.

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